About Fashion Tailors

Mr. Jimmy Chow

Fashion Tailors Menswear (Singapore) Pte Ltd was set up by Mr C. Y. Chow in 1939. He learnt his craft in the prestigious homes of London's Savile Row and came to Singapore with the intention of establishing an authentic English tailoring house.

The firm is then now managed by his son Mr. Jimmy Chow, who has spent many years learning from his father. Mr. Jimmy Chow is well known for his London drape style of tailoring. All Fashion Tailors Menswear jackets are made with a soft handle. The construction of the jacket is not stiff as to inhibit the jacket from moulding to the wearer's body. His suits have minimal shoulder padding and chest is soft enough so that it can form round the body nicely. This is what Fashion Tailor believes in - the kind of softness one should be looking for in a suit.

Mr. Jimmy Chow is also famous for inventing the "Power Look", an unmistakably crisp, aggressive, and polished cut for dynamic international executives. His cut gives a highly sophisticated silhouette grandly elevated with the utmost dash and flair to make any man look like a successful gentleman.

His distinguished customers include royalties, including the Sultan of Johor, ex-Vice-President of Indonesia Try Sutrisno, ex-President of Indonesia Dr. B.J. Habibie, former President of Singapore Mr. CV Devan Nair, and current Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Muhyiddin Yassin.

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