"The clothes you had tailored are impeccable!"
"I am extremely pleased with the suit which you made for me in 1992."
"I have pleasure to inform you that the suit and shirt have a perfect fit and finish."
"They are very beautifully made. They fit very well and look very smart."
"I look forward with real anticipation for these garments made with the quality and finish that has given you such a good reputation."
"I am very pleased with the wear and the workmanship. Thank you for a job well done."
"Thank you for the four excellent shirts you made for me to the Oriental. Joanne and I were very excited by the quality of your workmanship."
"Thank you very much. I just got the tails today and it looks wonderful. You do excellent work."
"You are an excellent tailor and I have received compliments on the suit and coat you have made for me previously."
"I am very satisfied with your work."
"You would have been quite pleased and proud with the compliments I received for the tuxedo which you made for me."

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Jimmy Chow