Stains Removal Tips

Always deal with stains promptly. Unknown large or difficult stains should be sent to your launderer or dry cleaner for professional treatment. Always mention the nature of the stains if you know it. The following tips are for washable fabrics only and are not meant for dry cleanable fabrics

Ballpoint Ink

Soak in milk or undiluted detergent and ammonia blend and rub the spot with cold water to remove all traces of detergent.


Rinse immediately in cold water

Fruit Juice

Rub the stained material with alcohol and white vinegar. Some fruit stains change considerably with time and on drying may be difficult to remove.

Red Wine

Rub immediately with sparkling tonic water or white wine.

Candle Wax

Chill with ice and scape as much as possible. Then iron out the remainder between two tissues.


Small stains should be dabbed with warm water containing liquid detergent. Large stain should be treated by pouring warm water, with liquid detergent, repeatedly though the fabric. Wash the material thoroughly afterwards.


The important is to dilute the stain with hot water before it dries. Where soaking is not possible, dab frequently with a wet pad.


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Jimmy Chow