How to iron a shirt?

Heat and Steam

Flatten the shirt’s wrinkles and ridges to a smooth, attractive surface by the simple application of heat and steam. It’s an unbeatable combination for smoothening and straightening fibers.

Reducing Wrinkles

Hang shirts immediately after ironing them. When using starch, first spray the underside of the shirt and then roll it into a ball. This allows the fabric to absorb the moisture before ironing.

Effective Strokes

Do not use circular strokes, as they stretch the shirt. For tough wrinkles, iron lengthwise and use the burst of steam.


If your shirt contains a lining, press it and check the label. If the lining fabric differs from the main garment, a different temperature setting may be required. Always remember to iron with up and down strokes, for circular motions may damage material.

COLLAR – Starting with the underside, work towards the ends and back to the center.

SHOULDER – Smooth the yoke by slipping one shoulder over the narrow end of the board, ironing from the shoulder to the center of the back.

CUFFS – Iron the inside first, then the outside.

SLEEVES – Iron the body of each sleeve, beginning with the cuff opening then the reverse side.

BODY – Begin with one front panel and continue to the other.


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Jimmy Chow